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About Rev Ezra

Hi, I'm Rev...

Hi, I'm Rev, and I'm a musician originally from Western Pennsylvania, now living in Ithaca, New York. I just released my first solo album titled "These Days" on May 6th, 2022 and is available streaming everywhere. The song "Strange Winds" on that album is currently featured on the "Indie Bluegrass" Spotify editorial playlist.

I've experienced a lot of changes in life over the past few years. The songs in the album are largely about dealing with changing circumstances and environments, and the thoughts that race through your head when you have to make big decisions. I also come from a multi-racial, half immigrant family, so I'm no stranger to being in between two places. That comes through in the songs too. All in all, my goal as a songwriter is to tell honest stories, and to put all the common yet hard-to-grasp emotions into words, with the hopes that folks can relate. In everything I do, I want to be genuine, and this album is no exception.

Aside from writing music, I also love breathing fresh air, enjoying a drink with a friend, and long road trips. I love being on the road so much that a couple years back, I lived out the back of my old stickshift Ford Ranger for a few months, traveling the lower 48. It was my dad's truck before he passed, so the whole thing was almost spiritual for me. A lot of the album came from that trip.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the songs, and if our paths cross, I'd be happy to play them.

The album "These Days" was produced by my good friend Caleb Thomas and recorded at Music Garden Studios with another good friend of mine, Al Torrence.

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